The Most Efficient and Quietest Furnace: LENNOX SLP98V

If I were to buy a furnace today (my current Lennox is only 6 years old) I would install the LENNOX modulating furnace with a variable speed blower. The efficiency is 98% and the blower motor is 60% more efficient than a regular furnace motor. And up until December 2nd the furnace receives a $500 rebate from Lennox, $650 to $790 from the Federal Government and $250 from Hydro (OPA). It will never be cheaper to buy this furnace than it is right now.
The most frequent complaint about furnaces is that they are noisy. When the furnace comes on you reach for the remote and turn up the TV.
Lennox has created a furnace that runs so quiet you barely notice it come on and go off. The secret to accomplishing this noiselessness is the modulating gas valve. This furnace has the ability to turn it’s own heat up and down like a gas burner on a stove. Because a house loses heat very gradually, the SLP replaces the heat gradually with a slower fan speed and softer heat. Add to this the special sound dampening insulation that lines the cabinet. This is the furnace you put in the closet beside a bedroom.
Because of a longer cycle of heat circulation you will not notice temperature changes and the heat throughout the house will be more consistent with fewer hot and cold areas; an ideal remedy for houses with inadequate duct work
I love the quiet operation. I listen to classical music and when my furnace comes on it disrupts my listening. The SLP is the music lovers dream. Actually, if you enjoy the quiet moments in your life, you will want this furnace to keep you warm and content.

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