Furnace Repair in Toronto is a Step Closer to a More Comfortable Home

Everyone wants to live in a beautiful home. However, a May 27, 2014 article on The Hamilton Spectator emphasises the importance of a well-maintained home over any beautification project:

While many homeowners have big dreams of beautifying their spaces, handyman Mike Holmes wants them to also think of the less glamorous side of property upkeep: regular home inspections and maintenance.

The "Holmes Makes It Right" star said he has fielded countless questions over the years on home maintenance, from queries about roofs to sweating windows. With his new book, "The Holmes Manual" (HarperCollins), due out on June 3, Holmes offers guidance on how to spot potential signs of property damage while also sharing tips in response to common repair questions.

"We look at our cars. We constantly check our tires, right? ... And we pay more attention to our vehicles than the single most expensive investment of our lives — your home," Holmes said in a recent phone interview.

Holmes is an ardent advocate of a functional house, and this includes any and all repair and maintenance jobs, such as furnace repair in Toronto households.

Furnaces are important components to heating in many Toronto homes, as temperatures easily drop to -6 degrees Celsius during the harshest months of winter and compel households to keep warm to survive. The latest polar vortex to hit North America put a lot of heating systems in overdrive and caused them to experience problems.

Some of the most common problems that furnaces will sustain include dirty or clogged filters. Thermostat malfunctions and poor heating control due to erratic air flow can cause air flow problems. Moreover, there are advanced problems that no weekend warrior can do alone. Any problems to the furnace can have repercussions for the entire household, in terms of discomfort and a decrease in indoor air quality.

In order to prevent such mishaps from happening, it is important for households to call a reliable company that delivers emergency furnace repair in Toronto. A company like Laird & Son is capable of making quick, effective repairs without harming the environment.

Households in Toronto need to take heed of Mike Holmes’ words and make their homes more comfortable to live in. Keeping the house warm is a good start for people to looking to live in a cozy home.

(Source: Mike Holmes shares home tips in new ‘Holmes Manual’, The Hamilton Spectator, May 27, 2014)

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