Hiring HVAC Companies in Toronto for Installing a Brand-New Furnace

The ongoing winter can be a relatively peaceful time to be with your family, whether you head outdoors for some fun amid the snow or you stay at home in warm comfort. Even then, it may be all but impossible to think if your house’s furnace is up to slag. Take heed, though, of Gus Stephens’ words in an article for SFGate.com: “This winter’s heating season could be your furnace’s last.”

A check of the long-distance weather forecast in the Greater Toronto Area for the first few weeks of 2015 indicates near consistent episodes of highs under five degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the lows are expected to break the -10 C° barrier. Anyone can tell you that prolonged periods of inclement winter weather can stretch your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to the limit, requiring the support of established HVAC companies in Toronto like Laird and Son Heating and Air conditioning.

Some furnace repair for Toronto HVAC units like yours may be needed if periodic maintenance revealed some warning signs. In the case of a gas furnace, for example, those signs may include malfunctioning igniters, clogs in the fuel line, and cracks in the heating chamber that can be potential triggers for carbon monoxide, which turns the regular blue flame into yellow. You can get a clue on the age of the current furnace by listing down the manufacturer’s production number on an information plate and cross-checking it with the maker’s records.

A contractor like Laird and Son will facilitate a furnace replacement by offering a range of units that have higher fuel efficiency ratings. Your house’s heating load, ductwork and the degree of insulation may be checked as well to further maximize the output. While some of today’s newer furnaces carry a high cost, many contractors vouch for the units’ potential to generate an earlier return on investment by helping reduce your heating bill that could have been higher if you kept using the older unit.

Some people may think that their furnaces can last “one more winter” when the signs indicate otherwise. If the situation instead points to danger looming with your furnace even as spring is just a couple of weeks away, don’t wait for things to get worse before calling an HVAC contractor.

(Source: Is It Worth It to Upgrade a Working Gas Furnace?, SFGate)

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