HVAC Companies Share Some Advice on When to Discard Your Old Furnace

The winter season is not always the best of times, especially when you and your family have to spend much of your life indoors. However, with a well-functioning furnace, residents can live as comfortably as they’ve always done during the warm summers. Like all other machinery, however, furnaces can break down without warning, sometimes in the middle of a harsh cold night.

Furnace problems can be brought about by various factors. While some are minor and you can easily solve them yourself or at a little cost by a technician, others call for the skills and experience of experts drawn from the best of HVAC companies in Toronto. Still, others demand nothing less than a new installation.

Too old for repair

With a high level of maintenance, furnaces can last for a very long time. Under normal circumstances, however, your furnace should serve you efficiently for 15-20 years with minor repairs and annual maintenance. If it starts to frequently fail after the 15 years mark, it’s time to give it a rest and order a replacement.

Wrong Size

Different furnaces are designed to fulfill different heating needs. You may be experiencing problems with your furnace simply because the wrong size was installed in your home. Too small a size may result to underperformance, while one that is too large is likely to raise your energy bills unnecessarily and call for more repairs and a shorter lifespan as a result of many instances of wear and tear.

Keep in mind that even with the right size, an uncompetitive technician may install your furnace improperly, which results to poor performance. Therefore, you should perform extensive research to ensure you contract qualified technicians who will first make an assessment of your home and heating needs and advise you on the most suitable furnace.

Too Many Costly Repairs

Whether your furnace is in its last years or just recently installed, it may need some repairs at one time or another. However, they shouldn’t be too frequent. Remember, even the smallest repairs can cost a big sum of money over time. Consider a replacement instead, especially if the cost of repair is almost equal to installing a new furnace.

Should you decide on getting a new furnace for your home, make sure to seek only the professionals, like those from Laird and Son, to help you with your furnace installation needs.


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