One of the Top HVAC Companies in Toronto Gives Energy-Saving Solutions

Toronto, Ontario (June 10, 2014) – Laird and Son Heating & Conditioning, one of the top HVAC companies in Toronto, graces the most recent feature in Newswire to give North American families advice on achieving energy efficiency for their appliances . Operations Manager Kim Laird-Hurst tells homeowners that they can preserve energy and save money with proper maintenance on their air conditioner units, especially with summer knocking at the doorstep.

It is a highlighted expense in the mind of the homeowner, yet an overlooked fix for such a small maintenance fee,” she said. Regular Toronto air conditioning service is proven to help people ensure that their units are running efficiently and less costly than machines that are under stress from malfunctioning parts. Maintenance also provides a longer system life for AC units and improved indoor air quality at a fraction of what it would cost to repair or replace a cooling system.

Home summertime comfort is dependent on household humidity levels, and air conditioners act as natural dehumidifiers so that families can have a fully enjoyable time indoors. AC systems rely on maintenance schedules and repair services to make sure that cooling units are always in their top shape and can function in their optimum levels. Professionals recommend that people have their HVAC units checked and serviced before summer comes.

Being a property owner myself, I understand the instance when you let annual or seasonal maintenance of certain appliances slide, but furnaces and air conditioners are ones that should be taken seriously,” adds Kim Laird-Hurst. Homeowners must give strong importance to keeping their heating and cooling systems in great shape as these are not easily and cheaply replaceable in case of a breakdown.

Homeowners in the greater Toronto area can visit www.lairdandson.comto schedule a maintenance check from Laird and Son. They can also look at the many services the HVAC company offers in the website, and even get a hold of a specialist to answer their technical questions on heating and conditioning systems.

About Laird and Son Heating & Conditioning

Laird and Son Heating & Conditioning is a seasoned HVAC company operating in Toronto that boasts of a rich 60-year professional history. As a family-owned and -operated business, they have imbibed the value of treating customers as part of the family. They provide an array of services from conditioning system installation to repairs and maintenance.

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