Ontario’s Heat Pump Rebates: Things You Need To Know

Heat Pump Rebates

Are you a Toronto or an Ontario resident? We have great rewarding news for you!

You have an opportunity to receive up to $5,800 for the installation or replacement of an air source heat pump. This rebate is funded by the Green Ontario Fund, a not-for-profit provincial agency striving to promote the reduction of greenhouse gas pollution. So, what are you waiting for? Call a reputed heating & air conditioning service contractor today to help you understand your financing alternatives!

What is a Heat Pump?

While air conditioners and furnaces are a popular choice of FVAC products in Canada, heat pumps are still an unfamiliar alternative to many families. It is engineered to draw in the heat from the outside environment during the cold season to maintain the warmth inside, as well as prevent it from entering during summer. Thus, they’re an entire home heating and cooling system installed outside of your home. These components are powered by electricity and transfer heat using a refrigerant to offer comfort to homeowners and their families all year round. And, since they provide heating and cooling facilities, it saves you from installing separate HVAC systems to heat or cool your home.

Additionally, you can add an electric heat strip to the indoor fan coil in cold weather to equip your system with additional capabilities.

Bonus part: Unlike furnaces, heat pumps do not operate on fossil fuels, so they are more environment-friendly!

Types of Heat Pump

Listed below are a variety of heat pumps available in the Canadian market. Have a look at each of them to figure out which one will suit your home and lifestyle the best:

Air-to-Air Heat Pumps

Air-to-air is the most-preferred heat pump to eliminate the air's warmth and transfer it outdoors or indoors, depending upon the season and your requirement.

Air-to-Water Heat Pumps

An air-to-water heat pump is designed to either get rid of or accumulate heat with the help of your home's hydronic heat distribution system.

Add-on Heat Pumps

If you have a home furnace, you should consider pairing it with these add-on heat pumps to ensure maximum benefits.

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps

These are compact, wall-mounted units that control the overall temperature of a room.

All-Electric Heat Pumps

All-electric heat pumps typically come equipped with an electric heater.

Bivalent Heat Pumps

Bivalent heat pumps are the most recommended for colder climates.

Is Heat Pump Effective in Colder Climates?

The engineering of a heat pump is designed to transfer heat from one place to another by different air or heat sources. Due to its two-in-one functionality and eco-friendly features, it is considered an energy-efficient component that allows you to maintain a comfortable temperature at home. So, if you are wondering whether a heat pump will effectively warm a freezing winter area, then the answer is yes!

While some experts may say that since the pump's performance is directly tied to the temperature outside, it can potentially impact its efficiency during the snow season. However, there's a solution — you can consider using a heat pump that comes pre-equipped with a supplemental heat source like a bivalent pump or an all-electric heat pump. You can also consult with a reputed heating and air conditioning service provider in town to help you with the issue.

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