2022 Government Heating & Cooling System Rebates

Heating & Cooling System Rebates

Are you thinking of installing or upgrading an HVAC system for your residential property? We have great money-saving news for you!

Several power incentives and other home renovation utility company incentives — including HVAC rebates, grants, loan programs, and other credit programs — are available for Canadian homeowners. These rebates are introduced by the government to help people repay the cost of the installation of or an upgrade to, an energy-efficient heating and cooling system.

So, whether you are thinking of investing in a new furnace or boiler, upgrading your home with a more energy-efficient air conditioner, or a ventilation system, here’s how you can save some money while doing that!

Availing rebates is one of the most significant ways to save your hard-earned money while being able to install the latest HVAC upgrades in your home. These heating and air conditioning rebates are typically availed to homeowners via:

  • Energy organisations
  • Financial institutions
  • Local HVAC distributors
  • Local, provincial, and federal governments
  • Municipal or provincial utility companies

Province-Wise Residential Rebates for Ontario

Listed below are a few general energy-efficiency rebates for homeowners across the province:

  • Insulation: Rebate between $500 and $3,000 for the insulation of basements, attics, crawl spaces, and exterior walls.
  • Air sealing: Rebate up to $150 for air sealing.
  • Windows: Rebate up to $40 for every window, door, or skylight you upgrade.
  • Furnaces: Rebate up to $250 to upgrade to a high-efficiency condensing natural gas furnace (if you have completed two other upgrades).
  • Boilers: Rebate up to $1,000 to upgrade to a high-efficiency condensing natural gas boiler.
  • Water heaters: Rebate up to $400 to upgrade to an ENERGY STAR® qualified natural gas water heater with an Energy Factor rating of 0.77+ or a Uniform Energy Factor rating of 0.80.
  • Thermostats: Rebate up to $75 for installing a smart thermostat.

How To Apply for Government HVAC Rebates?

Depending on the rebates under consideration and who is offering them, the exact steps of applying for government HVAC rebates can vary a little.

However, here’s a step-by-step guide for you to avail HVAC rebates:

  1. Primarily, you can apply directly with the agency or the company offering HVAC rebates.
  2. Contact local contractors and request estimates for the required upgrades (for instance, a quotation for a new furnace upgradation).
  3. Consider scheduling a pre-upgrade energy audit with a reputed company, if needed.
  4. Get your upgrades installed. Once the installation is done, consider scheduling a post-upgrade energy audit with a trusted company.
  5. It’s now time to get your rebate applications processed. You can also take the assistance of your contractor to help you deal with this).
  6. Once everything is taken care of, sit back and wait for the rebate cheque to arrive in your mailbox.

You may avail rebates for the following installations/ upgrades:

  • Boilers & combi-boilers
  • Smart thermostats (e.g. Ecobee, Nest)
  • High-efficiency natural gas furnaces
  • Central air conditioners
  • Propane furnaces
  • Ductless mini-split systems & heat pumps
  • Geothermal heating systems
  • Insulation

Point to remember

Register/ qualify for heating or cooling system rebates BEFORE replacing your water heater, A/C, or furnace. Trying to qualify for rebates post-installation can be a challenging task.

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