Possible Causes of Reduced Cooling in Your Ductless Air Conditioner

One of the most vital things you expect from your ductless air conditioner is optimal cooling of your Toronto home. Whether your conditioner works slower or faster, the bottom line is that it should lower the temperature of your home to a comfortable level. When your AC fails to do this, you should not hastily switch brands and units. What you have to do is try to diagnose the problem with help from professionals. You may not know it but air conditioners can fail to keep your home cool due to many reasons.

Exposure to Direct Sunlight

One of the most common complaints from people living in very hot places is that their air conditioners are not cooling their homes efficiently or the compressor is faulty. This is because, during the installation, the outer part of the AC is left facing the sun directly. All air conditioners have an optimum operating temperature, which is also known as surrounding or ambient temperature that helps them work effectively. In case the temperature goes beyond the optimum level, the air conditioner could malfunction, and if not checked by a professional AC repair technician in Toronto, the compressor could stop working correctly. If this happens, you could incur huge power bills.

Undersized Air Conditioners

Another common mistake done by most people is buying an AC, basing on their budget but not on the requirements of the room as recommended. A small AC installed in a large room will always have difficulty trying to cool the space during hot seasons. Sometimes, normal rules do not completely work; thus one has to look through different parameters when sizing an air conditioner. For instance, some zones are hotter than others, and that means that they need a bigger AC than those in cooler regions.

The Age of the Air Conditioner

How old the unit is also affects its performance. As time goes by, the efficiency of your air conditioner is bound to go down. The efficiency percentage of an AC reduces yearly, depending on its make and maintenance schedule. The older it is, the lower the efficiency. Even though there are companies that make air conditioners with a reduced de-rating age, there is none that has come up with a product that does not experience lower efficiency with age.

Knowing the possible causes of insufficient cooling in your home can help you operate your air conditioner better. However, do not neglect routine maintenance, and make sure to only have it done by professionals.


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