Prevent Any Air Conditioning Mishaps Call a Toronto AC Repair Company

A May 24, 2014 Bluefield Daily Telegraph article reports on an event that may have kept students of a certain high school from focusing on their lessons:

Classrooms are using fans to stay cool while maintenance workers wait for a part needed to restore the air conditioning at Montcalm High School.

The school’s air conditioning system failed earlier this week, said Principal Mark Page.

A part broke on the air conditioner,” Page said Friday, adding the loss impacted the whole school. “We’ve got central air.”

Page said he checked the classrooms that morning. The temperature climbed during the day, but while he said “it’s been warm,” he did not have an estimate of the temperatures. In the meantime, other methods are being used for cooling.

The article added that the school’s heating also needs work, and thus the school has taken action to repair its faulty air conditioning system. Many schools and households in the Greater Toronto Area may also have the same problem, and if that’s the case then they should not hesitate to call a reliable Toronto AC repair company to repair their faulty air conditioning.

There are several things that can go wrong with any air conditioning or HVAC unit in the Queen City. Faulty duct work is one of the biggest causes of energy waste in households. A dirty condenser fan also has an adverse effect on the unit, as a faulty one can cause the unit to overheat and malfunction altogether.

These problems can appear on any Toronto HVAC unit, as the city went through an intense winter earlier in the year. In order to prevent such a breakdown from happening, it is important for local households to call a Toronto air conditioner repair service to check the condition of the units.

In the end, households in the Greater Toronto Area should not wait for their air conditioning to break down before they call a reliable service to fix it. Calling companies like Laird and Son to conduct repairs and annually inspect the AC unit’s condition will help extend its service life. Moreover, keeping the equipment up to speed will help lower energy costs spent by the household, as the unit will be more efficient than before.

(Source: Broken AC heating up high school, Bluefield Daily Telegraph, May 24, 2014)

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