The Cost of Heating Service: Toronto HVAC Specialists Talk About Furnace Repair

An effective home heating system is a must in places where winters can be anything from mild to harsh. It’s hard for family members to stay productive, or simply comfortable, at home when the temperature isn’t regulated, so having a means to bring it up to an appropriate level is necessary.

To this end, homeowners don’t mind shelling out money to have a quality furnace installed in the property. It can be a cause for concern, however, when they are faced with a high price to pay because of repairs they need for their furnace. Not only will they have problems with keeping their home properly heated during winter months, but they will also need to pay for repairs on top of the usual heating expenses.

To get the most out of your heating service, Toronto heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) experts share insights on furnace repair.

Why would a furnace require repairs?

One of the biggest enemies that home HVAC systems face is dirt. Because of infrequent cleaning or improper maintenance, dirt can build up in the furnace’s basic components (the blower, the filter system, and the motor). This can then lead to fuel wastage and lowered efficiency because the furnace will need to work harder than usual, with weaker results. Leaving the furnace in this state for a prolonged state may eventually lead to a breakdown, so regular cleaning and maintenance can be all it takes to avoid expensive repairs.

In other cases, dirt may not be an issue, yet the furnace’s parts can still malfunction or break down, and replacements may be needed. It’s also possible for problems to stem from electrical issues—there may be circuits and breakers in other parts of the home that cause electrical malfunctions that affect the furnace’s performance.

When are repairs advisable?

If the problems that arise are relatively minor, such as broken parts, inefficient components due to dirt, and simple malfunctions, repairs can be readily recommended. According to HomeAdvisor, repairs can range from low cost ($59) to high cost ($800), with most homeowners spending an average of $270 (or between $136 and $423).

However, if your furnace’s age is within the 10- to 15-year range, or if the cost of a major repair is close to the cost of getting a new furnace, it may be in your best interest to consider buying a new one instead of going ahead with repairs.

HVAC specialists say that buying a new heating system to replace much older models still be a cost-effective decision. New models are designed to be highly efficient, helping to heat spaces better while lowering energy bills.

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