The Role HVAC Companies in Toronto Plays in Keeping Indoor Air Quality

Keeping good indoor air quality (IAQ) is important for any building. A compromised IAQ can be harmful to the health of the inhabitants. That alone is enough reason to pay significant attention to its status.

Causes of Problems with IAQ

There are a lot of things that can affect the quality of air inside buildings, including interaction between furnishing and materials, activities done inside the building, the occupants of the building, and the climate. The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) stated that IAQ has become a principal concern regarding health and safety. In the organization’s FAQ, causes of IAQ problems may be one or more of the following: indoor environment (encompassing insufficient humidity, temperature, and lighting, or excess noise), air contaminants (chemicals, moulds, gases, odours, vapours, bacteria, fungi, and dust), and inadequate intake of outdoor air.

How to Maintain Indoor Air Quality

Greenguard, an environmental organization with a focus on air quality, presented several tips for improving air quality. It includes minimising chemical pollutants (don’t smoke indoors, choose products used inside homes carefully, and the like), cleaning regularly, moisture control, and ensuring proper ventilation.

The HVAC System

The HVAC system plays a major role in keeping away IAQ problems. After all, it regulates the flow of air inside the building. Also, as mentioned above, the indoor environment is one of the main elements that influence air quality. When a component of the system gets compromised, your IAQ may suffer. You’ll need to contact HVAC companies in Toronto, like Laird and Son, for assistance in this matter.

Making sure that all components of your HVAC system are in optimal condition will contribute greatly towards maintaining IAQ inside your home (or any type of building, for that matter). The system controls a large part of your indoor environment, such as controlling the temperature and humidity. It also plays a major part in cycling air inside the house through outdoor air intake and air ventilation. Thus, adequate care is needed for air conditioner or furnace installation in Toronto so you can ensure optimal IAQ from the start. Also, ensure prompt repair of HVAC components as soon as any problems arise.

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