Toronto AC Repair plus Other Tips to Reduce Your AC’s Load This Summer

Summer’s here in Toronto and the sweltering hot temperature tempts you to set your thermostat low. Although this can somehow help you achieve your much wanted comfort, forcing your AC to work harder can actually cause its internal components to break down or stop working entirely, in which case you’ll need Toronto air conditioner services to restore it back into shape. Consider the following tips to help your AC beat the summer heat without the risk of a burnout:

Minimize internal heat

According to, electronic devices and appliances contribute to the overall heat gain in your home, causing your AC to work harder than it has to. Keep heat-generating appliances such as lamps, televisions, clothing irons away from the thermostat. Turn them off unless you need really need to use them. Also, try to reduce cooking time during the hottest parts of the day. If possible, install a range fan to allow the hot air to escape during cooking.

Clean up the air filter

The filter protects your AC system from being clogged with dust and other particles. A dirty filter, however, prevents sufficient airflow to the evaporator coil—the part that cools the air—and causes it to freeze. When prolonged, this can damage the outdoor unit’s compressor, the part that regulates heat transfer. The compressor is a major AC component and can be very expensive to replace. Good Housekeeping suggests you check your AC’s filter monthly and change it every three months.

Use a programmable thermostat

If you’re not home 24/7, there’s no reason for your AC to run consistently even in the warmest months. Program your thermostat to turn off when you’re not around and then set it to kick back on about an hour before you arrive home. The temperature is usually cooler during the night so your AC mustn’t be set on full blast. By letting your house go warmer, you give your AC unit the break it needs and cut down your cooling costs, too.

Get regular maintenance

The best way to make your AC last longer even during the hot summer months is to perform periodic maintenance. Technicians from companies such as Laird and Son, which offer full service, including AC repair to Toronto homes, should clear your vents and filter of clogs, ensure that the electrical connections are in good condition, flush the pipes, clean the coils, and fix all other issues your AC unit may have.

Summer months can be really hot and you may think turning your thermostat low is the only way to spare you from the misery, but overrunning your AC unit can actually cause damage to it. Follow the above tips to avoid untimely breakdowns.

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