Trusted HVAC Company Installs Ductless Air Conditioner in Toronto

Toronto, Ontario (June 10, 2014) – Laird and Son Heating & Conditioning, a trusted HVAC company, has been in the business of regularly servicing, maintaining, repairing and installing ductless air conditioner in Toronto for over a decade.

The family-owned company has recognized early on the potential of ductless technology as a possible replacement for traditional wall AC units and centralised cooling systems. Ductless air conditioning in Toronto, according to them, will steadily become the primary heating and cooling source for most homes because of its ability to create multiple heating and cooling zones inside homes and buildings.

Laird & Son Heating and Air Conditioning Toronto

Laird and Son also recommends this type of AC unit because it has precise temperature controls, which can be adjusted using handheld remotes; it is also quieter than their wall and window-mounted counterparts.

Laird and Son is 100% dedicated to customer service, with trained and qualified service representatives and technicians. Those that have, or are just planning to acquire, a ductless cooling system can be assured that the company will be able to provide them with the needed technical knowledge when it comes to caring for their units.

Have a question or need assistance? Please visit for more information on ductless air conditioning systems, installation, repair and maintenance. A dedicated member of Laird and Son’s service representative will be providing customers with answers to HVAC questions, quote requests, information on emergency service and even help the people of Toronto get in touch with a specialist.

About Laird and Son Heating & Conditioning

Laird and Son Heating & Conditioning is a family owned and operated business that extends the kind of relationship family members have to their clients whenever they are called for a routine or emergency service. The company also specialises in installing ductless air conditioning units and providing solutions to the most common HVAC problems.

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