Air Conditioner Installation in Toronto Prevents Hot Summer Mishaps

Air conditioning becomes more important as the heat of summer slowly intensifies. The necessity of a proper AC unit is highlighted by a June 5, 2014 NBC Sports article, where the lack of a functional AC unit may have proven a great obstruction for a three-peat:

By the end of the third quarter it was 89 degrees in the building according to Brian Windhorst of ESPN (who apparently carries a thermometer around). I can vouch for that from inside the building, the heat has been escalating all game and it’s also very humid. It felt like bikram basketball.

The reason was an air conditioning malfunction that could not be quickly repaired, reports Ken Berger of who wandered the bowels of the AT&T Center for the story.

I don’t think I’ve ever played in anything like this since I left the islands,” said Tim Duncan, a native of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, after the game.

The heat just made conditioning a bigger deal in what has been a tightly contested Game 1. LeBron James was feeling it and eventually had to leave the game, barely playing the final 7:31 of the game.

James experienced severe cramps due to the heat of the stadium, which cost him and his team the game. Toronto’s Raptors took an early vacation, but that does not mean that households in Toronto should let faulty air conditioning affect their lifestyles. In these cases, it is important to call a company that does reliable air conditioner installation in Toronto.

After all, keeping cool during the summer is important. Summertime temperatures in Toronto peak at 26 degrees Celsius, and this means households will be exposed to a good amount of heat from all the sunlight. The resulting high indoor temperatures won’t just cause discomfort for everyone in the household, but dehydration and heat stroke as well.

In order to keep such a problem from happening, it is important to check the AC for signs of trouble. A noisy central air conditioning unit that also fails to keep the house cool will tell any homeowner that a change is probably in order, and that services that offer AC installation in Toronto must be called for help.

Buying a new air conditioning unit will assure the homeowner that the house will be properly ventilated, while calling in a reputable service like Laird and Son to install it will ensure that the job will be well done, especially with regards to the the location of the components and vents. Proper installation will also have minimal impact on the home and the environment.

Families shouldn’t let extreme heat keep them from living comfortably. They should call a reliable contractor to help them install the new AC unit.

(Source: Blown air conditioning circuit breaker leads to steamy Finals Game 1, NBC Sports, June 5, 2014)

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