Heat Efficiency: Tips for an Efficient Furnace Installation in Toronto

In a place like Toronto and in other parts of Canada where winters can get bitingly cold, and temperatures can drop below zero, ensuring that your home is properly warmed up against the freezing weather should be one of your main concerns, and which could be achieved by an efficient furnace. Not only can it help cut your energy costs, since furnaces could make up as much as half of your bills, but an efficient furnace can also give you your money’s worth and, with proper care, can maintain warming up your home for longer.

Before you begin contracting Toronto furnace installation companies, you must first properly insulate your home with materials ranging from plastics and fibreglass to guarantee maximum effectiveness for your furnace’s heating capacity. It wouldn’t do to spend a lot on a high quality furnace if your house cannot properly distribute heat thus wasting the warmth the furnace produces that could have otherwise been used on your living room. For starters, you can try adding a heat pump and sealing ducts that could be helpful in keeping the heat in and maintain the ideal temperature of 65 degrees.

There are actually a lot of heating options for your home, and a furnace is just one of the popular ones. You can also have a boiler, which primarily functions like a furnace, only it uses warm water to heat the room, whereas a furnace uses a radiator to exude heat in a room. There are also condensing furnaces that capture the heat in the exhaust and use it to turn water into steam, rather than sending it up the chimney. You can also try an all-electric furnace or boiler, but these might contribute to your energy bills shooting up.

Luckily, the federal government offers an energy program for homeowners who plan on renovating their homes to become more energy-efficient, and cash grants include up to $500 on a furnace replacement or upgrade. Before you jump the gun and get in line for a furnace installation, you must first consider the size of your house and how effective your previous heater was, if you had one. One of the major factors that can help you decide on what furnace to buy is its size—you wouldn’t want to buy an oversized one, which could take up most of your energy bills, so it’s best to have an expert give their advice on what furnace you should buy. You can look for an array of heaters, boilers, and furnaces from trusted HVAC companies in Toronto, like Laird and Son, to have a warmer home, perfect for the cold weather.

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