How to Save Energy This Winter Heating Season

Want to save more energy during the cold winter months? You might want to consider making an investment in an energy-efficient heating system that will allow you to save energy in the long term, not just this winter. Today’s modern forced air furnace systems use less fuel, electricity, and keep your home’s temperature more consistent. These features all add up to more money in your pocket!

In addition, you may use these simple energy-saving strategies to increase your savings:

  • Make the most of the heat coming from the sun. Not all winter days are dark and dull. This wonderful season may often surprise you with days filled with lots of sunlight. If you experience sunny, beautiful days, open curtains on those windows that are facing the south during the day and allow sunlight to heat your home naturally. Don’t forget to close the curtains at night because they can protect you against the chill coming from the cold.

  • It is incredible how drafty windows can negatively affect room temperature during the winter season. If you are interested in saving energy during the cool months, you need to take into account covering those drafty windows. There are several solutions available today, including a plastic film applied to the inside of the window frames, insulating drapes or shades, or window treatments and coverings. All of these solutions are designed to improve energy efficiency in the winter and keep the cold out.

  • Consider purchasing a programmable thermostat that will help you maximize your energy savings. You can use the thermostat to live comfortably in your home without the additional costs of huge energy bills. The programmable thermostat allows you to set the temperature back a few degrees when you are out the house or asleep, which can eventually lead to huge savings on your heating and cooling bills.

  • Leaks can affect the inside temperature of your dramatically. If you want to learn how to save energy this winter, find and seal leaks around the windows and doors of your home, and you will be amazed at how much money you can save on your energy bill. Besides window and door frames, commonly found leaks in a home include those cut-throughs made for utility pipes, the gaps that are often found around chimneys, and those spaces that are left unfinished behind closets.

  • Although maintaining your heating systems should be a primary concern, it is an aspect of home maintenance that gets neglected by homeowners quite frequently. The point is that you don’t want a heating system that works and nothing more. You want a heating system that works optimally in a way that your home is heated efficiently. Make sure you schedule service calls according to the specific requirements of your heating system. This simple but regular procedure will not only save you a lot of money on your energy but will also extend the lifecycle of your system bringing you additional savings.

Call the experts at Laird & Son today to schedule a maintenance appointment for your home heating system. We’ll help you maximize your savings and recommend any money saving fixes that can help you system and home become more energy efficient.

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