What Kind of Duct Cleaning Equipment Is Best

The air ducts connected to your home’s air conditioner and furnace can accumulate dust, pollen, molds, and even insects and rodents over time. If they are not removed, tiny particles can enter your home with the air and may cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. The only way to safeguard from these air pollutants is to clean the ducts regularly with proper duct cleaning equipment.  A professional duct cleaning service is the best way to improve your indoor air quality.

Duct cleaning involves the cleaning of ducts and other moving and unmoving components of air conditioners, forced air furnaces and other heating and cooling systems. As improper cleaning can aggravate the problem rather than solving it, only specialized tools and equipment should be used to clean the ducts. Failure to remove dust and mold properly could result in contamination of the entire system.

Cleaning ducts does not only keep you safe from allergies and health problems, it also helps improve the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. A clean duct system allows the air to flow without any obstructions. It prevents wastage of heat (in the case of furnaces) or loss of cold air (in the case of air conditioners) that results from dust and debris in the air. As a result, the heating and cooling systems in your home maintain their optimum performance levels throughout the year.

There are several different tools and types equipment used to clean ducts. They range from very low tech tools like hand-held brushes to high-tech equipment like high-powered vacuum cleaners.  The brushes may be attached at one end of a long handle to reach deep inside and may be rotated by a motor. The purpose of the brush is to dislodge the dirt and mold, which are then sucked out using a high-powered vacuum cleaner attached to an air duct cleaning truck.

If the ducts are severely contaminated by molds, insects and other organic matter, then they may have to be sanitized and deodorized. Chemical sealants may also be used to seal cracks in the ducts.

Ducts should be cleaned at least once in a year. Spring is usually the right time to clean furnaces and air conditioners as the weather is warmer and your system will not be in use. HVAC technicians are also readily available at this time of the year as they know that this is time when most people need their services. However, it doesn’t hurt to clean the ducts two or more times in a year.

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