HVAC Companies Give Tips on Spotting Cycling Problems in a Furnace

Furnaces, like any other appliances, have a lifespan, and when one has served its time, it will start to show signs of wear. Old age is just one of the reasons a furnace may be malfunctioning, while lack of maintenance is the other one. Failure to take good care of the furnace in your home will cause it to work poorly.

Whatever the reason, a furnace that is not operating at its optimal performance is a waste of energy. It is why you have to ensure that a faulty furnace gets repairs as soon as possible. You can find HVAC companies in Toronto that provide a variety of services suitable for different furnace problems.

What Happens

Cycling problems are fairly frequent when running a furnace. You may have realised that the furnace keeps turning on and off or doesn’t heat properly. Leaving a cycling problem to go on for a prolonged period can cause more damage to the appliance, not to mention the huge energy bills. If you have just moved into a new home and noticed that the furnace has cycling problems, call for repair services because it is hard to know how long the problem has been going on.

Faulty Thermostat

One cycling issue that you should watch out for is a furnace turning on and off too often. In such a scenario, the thermostat may be the problem. It may be turning off after heating air too much or not heating it enough. If the thermostat setting is correct but  still malfunctions, call an expert in furnace repair in Toronto, such as Laird and Son, to replace it.

Dirty Filters

Another reason for cycling problem in a furnace may be dirty filters. Furnace filters that are too clogged will hinder air circulation and, hence, cause the furnace to turn off frequently due to overheating. A homeowner should ensure to keep the filters clean to avoid such problems.

Replace clogged filters or call a professional in case you don’t know which ones are appropriate. Find out from furnace experts how to take care of filters to prevent such a problem from reoccurring. Besides the filters, blocked air vents may be obstructing air circulation, consequently causing the appliance to overheat.

Interrupted Connections

Cycling issues may also be because of fuel interruptions. If you are using gas, ensure that the connections are secure from the valves to the piping. Check electrical fuses to make certain the fuse is not the problem. If cycling problems persist, find HVAC companies in Toronto that provide furnace repair services. Learn about the maintenance a furnace needs to minimise the risk of such problems.

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