Over five hundred thousand homes trust the Unico System

Over five hundred thousand homes trust the Unico System® which is easy to fit in homes which cannot fit a standard heating or cooling unit. This is an efficient and comfortable option for your home. Homes and buildings which do not have ductwork or whose ductwork is not up to par, or maybe there is not enough space for ducting can benefit from the Unico System.

Apartments, condominiums, homes, any sort of residential setting can easily adapt a Unico System. Even certain industrial and commercial applications can be adapted as well. The Unico System works exactly like every other central air option but the benefits are much, much more.

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Here are just a few of the many features as well as benefits of the Unico System:

Silent Working

The air which our system delivers is done so in a seamless and quiet manner. Not only is the supply tubing created in an efficient manner it is also designed to reduce the level of noise, the decibel levels produced are the same as a very soft whisper. The insulation as well as the inner core which is made of nylon are created to absorb the sounds produced in the air.

Another aspect which is designed to isolate vibrations and noise is the air handler. Every module, even the coil and blower is insulated using a closed cell, this is an insulation which is sound deadening and guarantees complete silence while the system is running. So meanwhile you enjoy its benefits you will not have to endure the noise of its presence.

Easy To Fit In Anywhere

The incredible comfort and high performance of the Unico System is being enjoyed by homeowners all over the country. Regardless of the age of the home or building or what the design is the Unico System can always be installed and will not harm the architectural integrity or design.

The great thing is that the Unico System requires under a third of the amount of space then any regular system. It also delivers as many as nine tons of air condition in an area where a regular unit would only be able to deliver three tons.

With the Unico System your home’s aesthetics will remain intact , we will not cause marring or streaking damage to your walls withmetal registers. We offer small and subtle outlets in five inch round outside diameters or ½” x 8” slotted options, all designed to combine your aesthetics.

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Remodeling May Be Minimal or Non Existent

Where traditional heating and cooling units do not fit the Unico System does and minimal or no re-modelling is required. It is easy to install the coils and air handlers in ceilings attics, closets and crawlspaces.

The small ducts which are flexible can be installed through wall cavities floor or ceilings which already exist, this means we do not need to add any annoying and unattractive ductwork.

Combines With Any Style of Decor

The outlet choices which the Unico System offers are varied. They may be slotted or round and are designed to not compromise any design or architecture in a home. We can also paint or stain them so the interior decor matches perfectly. We can install the outlets in sidewalls, floors and ceilings, as a matter of fact being as their size is minimal and their color wood like it will not be easily seen in your home. The one thing that you will notice is how much comfort you will feel inside.

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