Urgent TellTale Signs That You Need Air Conditioner Repair Services

You know your AC needs repair when it starts malfunctioning. Instead of waiting until your unit stops to function completely, watch out for the following warning signs.

Poor Air Flow

Should there be little or weak air flow through the vents, it could mean that your unit’s compressor is failing. If there are areas that are getting cold in your room while others are not, the duct work could be the issue. It could be that even at full power, the air being released by the vents is not as cold as it should. With time, debris could find their way through the vents. As such, airflow will be obstructed, and health risks will be presented. The best way to restore airflow is to have the ducts cleaned. At this point, a professional AC repair in Toronto could be the only solution.

Wrong Moisture Distribution

Should you spot some form of leakage around your system, it could be an indication of underlying problems. There are only two reasons that could cause moisture around your AC. The leakage could be the refrigerant. Such leaks can lead to major health conditions and need urgent repair. Ensure that only a professional Toronto expert works on your unit. The leakage could be resulting from water pools adjacent to your AC. It could mean that the drain tube that disposes of the unit’s condensation is broken or blocked. Although it is not a major issue, it should be handled immediately to avoid the growth of mold.

High Cooling Bills

You might think your AC is working perfectly until you assess your monthly energy bill. Your system could be broken somewhere, making it work extra hard to emit less cooling time. Should you notice that your monthly cooling bills have spiked, call in a specialist to examine the system.

Unusual Noises

Never ignore an AC that makes strange noises. Grating metal, squealing sounds are what you need to watch out for. Failure to service it immediately could result in a replacement or an expensive breakdown. If you notice a screeching noise, it could mean that the system’s belt has slipped or that bearings are broken. It could also indicate that the unit needs some form of lubrication.

Strange Smells

Should you notice metallic or foul smells, your system’s AC wire insulation could have been burned. Any other strange smell could also indicate that there is mold growing in the ducts of your unit. Either way, consider air conditioner repair from Toronto service providers, such as Laird and Son in due time.

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